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To have your child baptized (if they are 7 years old or younger) contact the parish office to schedule a time. Baptisms normally happen after the 10:30 am Mass on Sundays. If this is your first child to be baptized there is also a preparation session prior to the baptism to be scheduled with the pastor. To schedule this session contact the parish office secretary.

If your child is over the age of 7 or if you yourself are looking to be baptized or are seeking to become Catholic contact Fr. Jason about RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) to learn more about that process.



Reception of Holy Communion commonly happens for the first time at the age of reason (7). We are encouraged as Catholics to receive the Eucharist as often as possible and indeed daily if we are able. Our Lord told us, “Do this as often as you gather in remembrance of Me.” He did not say have a bible study, or turn on Christian music station, or wander in the woods in the glory of creation. All of those are good things and we should do them. However, the Eucharist is the center of our lives because Jesus commanded us to take part in this act of worship. If you are interested in reception of this beautiful sacrament for yourself or a family member, contact Fr. Jason at the parish office to find out how we can make this possible.

Ecumenical service, St Monica Catholic Church South Bedd with Bishop Rhoades and Bishop Sp


This sacrament strengthens us in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and empowers us to be great witnesses of the Gospel in the world. In our diocese confirmation is normally conferred by the Bishop in the fall of one’s 8th grade year. However, for people entering the Church who are over the age of 7 this sacrament will be conferred by Fr. Jason at the Easter Vigil. Contact the parish office for questions regarding the reception of this sacrament.




Just got engaged or planning on getting married at St. Monica? Contact the parish office to set up a meeting with Fr. Jason to begin the preparation process, book a date, or clarify any Church policies. The diocese asks that we have six months of preparation time prior to the wedding date. It is not possible to over-prepare for something that will last for the rest of your lives!


Holy Orders

Interested in becoming a Priest? Has the Lord put that desire on your heart? If the Lord has put that desire on your heart it is a supernatural desire. Every man has a natural desire for marriage and family, it is built into all of us, even priests. However, the desire for the priesthood is put in your heart by God. It does not necessarily mean you are called to be a priest, but you are called to search out where God is leading you with this desire. Contact Fr. Jason to setup a meeting and check out our Diocesan Vocation’s page for more information:

Private Parties




“There is more rejoicing in Heaven over one repentant sinner than over all the other righteous who have no need of repentance.” –St. Luke 15:7

So go to confession and cause a party in Heaven! This sacrament heals us of the wounds of sin and allows us to break free of the bonds of slavery to our sins and live in the freedom of the children of God. We have confessions every Thursday from 6pm-7pm and Saturday from 9am-10am or if you need a special time, call the office to schedule a time with Fr. Jason.

You are most welcome to approach Fr. Jason before or after any Mass for this important sacrament. During the seasons of Advent and Lent we have increased confession times during on Tuesdays from 6pm-7pm.


Anointing of the Sick

“Are there any who are sick amongst you? Let them send for the priests of the Church.”

 –St. James 5:14

This sacrament is not just for the hour of death but for anytime you are faced with a grave illness or are going to be placed under anesthesia. The priest will hear your confession and then anoint you with Holy Oil blessed by the Bishop for the strengthening of the spirit. If you or a loved one are in need of this sacrament contact the Parish Office and they can arrange for Fr. Jason to come and administer this sacrament. If it is a medical emergency and someone is in danger of death call our parish office and follow the prompts to contact a priest at any hour of the day or night.

Corporate Events
From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

We recognize that the Sacraments have a visible and invisible reality, a reality open to all the human senses but grasped in its God-given depths with the eyes of faith. When parents hug their children, for example, the visible reality we see is the hug. The invisible reality the hug conveys is love. We cannot "see" the love the hug expresses, though sometimes we can see its nurturing effect in the child.


The visible reality we see in the Sacraments is their outward expression, the form they take, and the way in which they are administered and received. The invisible reality we cannot "see" is God's grace, his gracious initiative in redeeming us through the death and Resurrection of his Son. His initiative is called grace because it is the free and loving gift by which he offers people a share in his life, and shows us his favor and will for our salvation. Our response to the grace of God's initiative is itself a grace or gift from God by which we can imitate Christ in our daily lives.

The saving words and deeds of Jesus Christ are the foundation of what he would communicate in the Sacraments through the ministers of the Church. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the Church recognizes the existence of Seven Sacraments instituted by the Lord. They are the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist), the Sacraments of Healing (Penance and the Anointing of the Sick), and the Sacraments at the Service of Communion (Marriage and Holy Orders). Through the Sacraments, God shares his holiness with us so that we, in turn, can make the world holier.

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