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Antioch Youth Ministry

Antioch is a community of high school teenagers seeking to live as intentional disciples of Christ. Antioch offers opportunities for teens to grow and live out the faith through prayer, formation, community, and service.

WHEN WE MEET: Meetings are held year-round on Thursday nights, beginning with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in St. Monica Church from 6-7pm, followed by gatherings from 7-9pm. Antioch Retreat Weekends are held in the fall and spring, and MANtioch/Daughters of the Queen activities are held several times each year (guys and girls groups).
GET INVOLVED: Join our crew! Come for all or part, as often as you are able.
Volunteer to donate a snack or meal at a gathering or retreat.
Serve as a sleep home over a retreat weekend.
Join the adult ministry team (space limited)
Donate supplies for activities.
Sign up to spend an hour praying for our teens in front of the Blessed Sacrament while they are on retreat.
CONTACT: For more information, visit or 

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